Monday, July 27, 2015

Bates Do P.E.

Zach Bates was recently given the opportunity to attend a police academy. To prepare his son for the intense physical training that would be part of the program, Gil put him through a workout. Whitney and a handful of the Bates kids joined in.

"I kind of dread all the exercising because I know how much more I'm going to have to do in the next few months," Zach revealed in a recent interview with UP.

Everyone gathered on the porch in workout attire, and Gil--with Jeb on his shoulder--demonstrated various exercises, including jumping jacks, pushups, toe touches, "foot fire," situps, and lunges. When the crew finished those, Gil sent them on a run.

"My dad's a little crazy, " says Tori. "I think the tree work has kept him in shape pretty well.

"I think all these kids have kept him in shape," adds Carlin.

Gil Bates was very involved in athletics as a kid. He earned his college degree in physical education and planned to be a P.E. teacher. Gil and Kelly Bates work physical education into their kids' everyday lives, assigning them house projects and ensuring that they spent plenty of time playing outdoors, but from time-to-time, Gil puts the children through a vigorous workout.


  1. What kind of skirts do the girls wear for working out?

  2. Is there an episode this was featured on that we can watch?

  3. Lawson have a great birthday. Enjoy the day and have a wonderful year.
    Joan and Marion

  4. Have a great birthday. Enjoy your special day!

  5. Happy Birthday LAWSON!

  6. How cool is that! It's always more fun when you workout with family! Btw, tell Lawson happy birthday!! He is only about 6 months older than me. I love reading his posts on social media, he is such an encouragement sometimes, and his music is great! It's hard to find God-honoring music these days. Well, I hope Lawson had a great birthday! :)

  7. Hope Lawson has a great birthday yesterday.

  8. Happy birthday Lawson!

  9. Zach:
    Congratulations on becoming a part of the police academy! Yes, the training program will be intense and memorable. Your HONOR, INTEGRITY and PERSERVERANCE in the line of duty will be a great asset. God Luck and GOD bless:)

  10. Terrific! Gil and Kelly really are very good parents.

  11. Does anyone know why Gil did not become a P.E. teacher?

    1. I think he might've, but lost his job.


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