Thursday, March 5, 2015

Recap: "A Big Bates Thanksgiving"

Bringing Up Bates "A Big Bates Thanksgiving"
  • Erin visits her doctor to determine the gender of her baby. The results are written on a piece of paper and sealed in an envelope, which Erin will give to her cousin Katherine so she can bake a cake with either pink or blue inside. "I am a super curious person, especially when it comes to what my baby is," says Erin.
  • The family packs up and heads to Gil's parents' farm in Honea Path, South Carolina. Mama Jane and Papa Bill prepare to feed a few dozen family members for Thanksgiving Dinner.
  • Gil's parents have owned their farm since they moved to the area when Gil was in third grade. Now, his brother and sister each own a house and several acres of land on the property. Gil and Kelly also own several acres.
  • The entire family gathers together, including Michaella's boyfriend, Brandon, as well as Alyssa and John who have driven up from Florida.
  • On Thanksgiving Day, Callie accidentally slams Jeb's finger in a door. Later, during the annual family football game (married guys versus single guys) Zach injures his knee. But no one ends up in the emergency room, so the Bates consider it a good day.
  • Growing up, Gil spent a lot of time playing sports. His parents say he had a hard time balancing athletics with other priorities. Now that he has kids, he encourages them to put Christ first, which means they don't play organized sports.
  • The Bates put on their matching outfits (purples, blues, and grays) and take family photos. Chad the photographer organizes the pictures.
  • Bill and Jane rent a tent for Thanksgiving Dinner because their house isn't big enough to accommodate their growing family. After the meal, the Bates move inside and reflect on what they are thankful for. "There was probably not a dry eye in the place," says Gil.
  • Kelly's response is the most touching: "I'm really thankful that y'all are so forgiving because I know as parents, we have let you down so many times. There have been times that we were upset with y'all that we shouldn't have been, or that we should have cut you slack and we didn't, or that we were impatient. And y'all have put up and endured and even encouraged us along and are so forgiving. And many times we look back and we feel like failures as parents, and we feel like we've let y'all down in so many ways. And y'all are the greatest kids in the world. Y'all encourage us so much. I just love every one of you.
  • Gil says he is thankful that his wife had the idea of leaving the size of their family up to God. He thought it was crazy at first, but looking back, he says it was one of the best decisions he has ever made.
  • Everyone gathers around as Erin cuts into the cake baked by her cousin. The inside is blue, which means she and Chad are having a boy!
  • To end the night, Lawson plays piano while Papa Bill and Mama Jane dance. Mama Jane tries to teach Nathan. "Nathan cannot dance," says Michaella.
  • The following day, the Bates (everyone but Michaella, who is returning home to Tennessee to work, and Brandon, who is flying back to Michigan) gather up their belongings to head down to Alyssa's house.
  • The family talks about how different Thanksgiving will be in 2015. "Bradley might have a girl in his life...a sister," says Zach. "Zach, be serious!" responds Whitney.
  • "There might be a couple more wives, or girlfriends," says Nathan. "I am not getting married before next Thanksgiving," confirms Lawson.


  1. While we don't have cable TV and we don't get to see the full show. We enjoy the clips and blog comments. The Bates family seems to have a close relationships with God and His Son, and to one another. What a blessing to see a family serve Him and love one another. May God use this family for His Glory!

    1. TLC needs to put you on their channel with the duggar and an hour long you talk about rating it would be the highest in the USA trust me TKC.

  2. I just love the Bates! Mrs. Kelly is SUCH a sweet lady!

  3. I really enjoy the Bates. They appear less scripted and more real life than the Duggars. I wonder ehy that is.

  4. I would be really grateful and thrilled if you put a photo tab on this blog like you have on the Duggar's blog?!

  5. I'm confused. If Erin is due June 8, she only would have been about 12 weeks pregnant around Thanksgiving. Isn't that too early to tell the gender?

    1. I think they did it by blood work??

  6. They should show more reverence for Gil and Kelly Bates family. There are smart, jokey comments that are not respectful or reverent, since they are all the children of God the Father then some should not be doing this about the others.

  7. I find it very interesting that they already knew the sex at this point. In the first trimester/early second trimester, there only reliable ways to tell the sex would be a fcDNA test (a blood test, but way more complicated than "blood work"), or invasive tests like CVS or amniocentesis. Since CVS and amniocentesis carry a risk of miscarriage, I find it unlikely that they would have consented to either since she's already miscarried several times. Plus, the point of any of these tests is check for chromosomal abnormalities NOT the sex of the baby, and they're not the type of people who would terminate if the baby did have an abnormality. Doctors would not even order the tests unless they were at high risk for chromosomal disorders in the first place. AND fcDNA isn't widely used in the US, so it'd be tough for them to even find a lab that did it. There's just lots of things here that make me wonder what they're not sharing, or if they're being honest about their due date. It's their right to want to be private, but I guess when you put yourself in the spotlight, the public has the right to wonder, whether we expect answers or not!

  8. I was surprised to see the grandparents dancing. I know the Duggars discourage dancing. Do the Bates, as well?


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