Thursday, March 19, 2015

Recap: "All About the Bates"

Bringing Up Bates "All About the Bates"
  • The Bates sit down to answer questions submitted by fans.
  • Do the kids want more siblings? Yes!
  • Do Gil and Kelly want more children? Yes! "We would love more children," says Kelly. "I think that I'm getting a little too old, I guess, because we're trying and nothing's happening."
  • How old do the kids have to be to court? Gil and Kelly set an approximate age of 18. "But honestly, for some kids it should be older because they ain't very mature," says Tori.
  • The kids all agree that Brandon should propose to Michaella very soon. "I don't care how we get engaged," says Michaella. "As long as we get married, it doesn't matter."
  • Will there be a Bates/Duggar wedding? Nathan says: "Absolutely yes." "There has to be out of 19 of them," says Tori.
  • Which kids are the most outgoing? Tori and Nathan
  • Who has the best style? Josie and Alyssa
  • Have Gil and Kelly become less strict in their old age? Everyone says yes. The parents of 19 call it "grandparent syndrome."
  • Do the Bates have any tips for disciplining children? Avoid being an angry parent, says Gil. "You may get instant results," explains the dad of 19. "But you are going to create a huge wall between you and your child..." He and Kelly encourage other parents to talk through things with their kids.
  • What meal tips does Kelly have to share? She plans meals a week in advance. One of the Bates' favorite recipes is sautéed chicken. They cut boneless chicken breasts into nugget-sized pieces and sauté them in olive oil, chopped onion, garlic, butter, salt, and pepper until golden brown. Then they add honey mustard and spicy mustard and serve with potatoes.
  • Can the Bates identify baby pictures of all the children? Nope.
  • Do the Bates have any hidden talents? Carlin can yodel.
  • Is there anything Chad can't do? Everyone says no. "We are still discovering all the talents of Chad," says Nathan.
  • The kids give viewers a tour of the house. On the second floor are the master bedroom, laundry room/family clothes closet, and girls' room. The girls have trundle beds to save space. Inside the girls' room is a tiny alcove that has a bunk bed for Judson and Jeb and an elliptical. The boys live on the third floor.


  1. to be more specific, tori started laughing and hides her face when asked if there will be a duggar/bates wedding…

  2. Love the episode title!

  3. Oh, whoops, never mind. I thought it said "all about that Bates"

  4. I liked the way this show was done. Very informative look into lots of different subjects and as always, family values were evident and real. The show is much too short though. ; )

  5. Okay, so when they asked if there would be a Duggar Bates wedding, Tori said there has to be out of 19.. and some people said, "Well, Tori sure hopes so." Do you think that may indicate that Tori/Joseph rumors are true? Just very curious! It was a great show!

    1. Even though Lawson said, "Tori hopes so," Carlin is the one who said it, if you watch closely! And then she and Nathan exchanged a glance. ;)

  6. Their recipe for sautet chicken sounds great i have t try it! :)

  7. I'm praying for TLC to give you an hour long time slot on TLC. I can't understand why they haven't we can't get UP never heard if it, come on TLC put them on you want regret it your ratings with 19 kids and counting the duggar would sky rocket

  8. How many of the songs on Lawson's albums are his originals? I play them quite frequently

    1. Hi there,

      On his first album, "Freedom Sure Ain't Free," 2 of the songs are originals. On his second album, "What Country Means to Me," 8 of the songs are originals.

      Lily and Ellie


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