Friday, January 23, 2015

Recap: "Training Up Bates"

This week on Bringing Up Bates, "Training Up Bates"...
  • Gil and Kelly and 11 of the kids are headed to North Carolina to visit Kelly's mom, whom the children call Meema, and her three sisters, Kim, Beth, and Becca. Kelly helps the kids pack.
  • To prepare for the trip, Gil and Kelly practice child training with the youngest ones.
  • "Every once in a while, we will go somewhere out in public, and we'll realize, 'You know, we haven't spent quite as much time training the little guys,' because you forget, you get distracted," says Kelly.
  • The older Bates kids say their parents have become less strict over the years. Kelly says it's because they know they might not have any more children, so they want to spoil the youngest ones. Gil says it's because they are tired.
  • The kids practice "training up," which means standing in a line from youngest to oldest. 
  • "Do your training during a time that is non-confrontational," says Gil. "Don't do your training when you get in the situation." 
  • The 13 Bates pile into the van and head to North Carolina. "Nobody else is as blessed as I am," Meema says when they arrive at her house. "I don't know of a grandmother that has 33 grandchildren."
  • The following day, the Bates visit Aunt Kim's flower shop. "Aunt Kim is like super amazing at crafts," says Josie. Kim and the kids make a banner for Bradley's nursery.
  • "Jeb in the florist's is like what real life is like," says Gil. The two-year-old struggles to obey the "don't touch" rule and has to be pulled aside by Mom several times. 
  • "Some people call it the 'terrible twos,"' says Kelly. "We call it the 'terrific twos,' but whatever you call it, the two age can be full of energy."
  • Later, the Bates stop by a consignment store in search of clothing and toys that are 50% and 75% off. Their grand total is $329.30, which may sound like a lot, but Gil says they paid about $1,000 less than they would have if the items had been brand new.
  • Back in Tennessee, Michaella, who is a full-time nanny, babysits two little boys. She says she wants as many children as she can have.
  • "I'll probably be very strict with my children," says Michaella. "I was very grateful to have been raised that way. I loved the boundaries that my parents set, and I felt like I matured a lot faster because of it."
  • When is Brandon planning to propose? "I don't see it being in the very near future, but he's full of surprises, so I honestly don't know," says Michaella. Her boyfriend is graduating from college soon but has liquidated his savings to pay for school. He wants to be more financially stable before he marries Michaella.
  • Erin thinks she is pregnant, so she and Chad, who recently went through a miscarriage, head back to Dr. Vick's office to see if they are indeed expecting.
  • "I was scared just because of all the memories of the last ultrasounds we had had," says Erin.
  • When the ultrasound technician detects a heartbeat, Erin and Chad are elated. "I couldn't stop smiling, just cause everything was positive," says Erin. "It was just like, 'I've got a baby inside me, and his heart's beating.' I couldn't believe it."
  • Since Erin has a blood clotting disorder, she has to take a heparin shot twice a day throughout her pregnancy. The doctor shows Chad how to administer the shot. Erin, who dreads needles, is nervous, but she says it will all be worth it when she holds the baby in her arms.  


  1. Thank you for posting recaps so that those who can't watch can still get an idea of the episode!

  2. Please upload this episode

  3. My Grandma had 40 grandkids! She loves it! Though I don't think she'll ever get her goal of 100 grandkids.. lol

  4. I like the Bates Family. They are not like the Duggars. Gil and Kelly don't tell their married children what to do and that is the way it should be. You raised them in the Christian way and then let them go. Many Blessings.

  5. Great! Do you what consingment store they went to? I live in NC so I was curious.

    1. Ann Hope's Corner by Peter Rabbit Consignment in Burlington, NC

  6. Any chance the bates episodes will be put online? We missed the last one :(

  7. Hey, I don't have TV, so is there any other way to watch the episodes?? Would love help!!

  8. Could you post the Bringing Up Bates episodes on your blog? I've been looking on YouTube, but they don't have them...

    1. Youtube is blocking all uploads of anything titled bringing up bates currently so it's unlikely we will get them again .


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