Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lawson's New Single

After releasing his first CD, Freedom Sure Ain't Free, in October 2013, Lawson Bates has already started on his second. He released the lead single today. In this new song, called "Problems," Lawson receives a new perspective on life by comparing his troubles to the hardships of others.

"I have come to realize the things we often complain about are nothing in comparison to some of the challenges others face..." said Lawson of his new song. The 22-year-old hopes the song will inspire listeners to make a difference in the lives of those around them.

"Problems" is available for purchase on Lawson's website, as well as iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. Click here to listen to a preview on CD Baby.


  1. He has an awesome voice, I can't wait to hear his new song!

  2. Here's a limited time free download of his song on UP TV:

  3. I love Lawson! I'm a Cowgirl, So i listen to country a lot when i'm in the barn, but none of the songs have very good messages.(and no christian songs have that awesome country twang to them!) So when Lawson's first album came out i got it and listened to it on repeat! Lol! I hope to bump into him when i go to Tennessee in July for my churches youth retreat, CHIC. If Lawson ever reads this I just wanted to say that i'm so glad you decided to start a music career! I love your music and your family!

    Katey Rice

  4. The song is really good, just bought it yesterday. Wishing Lawson all the best hope .

  5. I love his voice. He is very talented.


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