Thursday, January 22, 2015

Name That Bates with Erin

Erin (Bates) Paine hosts a segment of Name That Bates. Find out which kid is most likely to cheer Gil and Kelly Bates up:


  1. Lily an Ellie, I dont understand whats different about being able to view these last two videos, the first two i had no problems, was there something different on your end? Anyways this one with Erin is on YouTube for those that cant view it here :'(

  2. Keep 'em coming!!! Love it!! Thank you very much for all you do. :)

  3. The Bates family is clearly - "relationship focused" and this is evident in the personal knowledge of each family member personality. They are more than just a large number of people - they know one another - and enjoy the blessings God has given. Their love of Jesus is seen and I pray God uses them to spread the gospel. While we don't have tv, my parents dvr the show - so we can watch it while we visit them. We enjoy the blog clips and updates.