Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Photo Shoot with Baby Weston

We don't hear from Tori and Bobby Smith very often. They are busy living life with five children. Their youngest, Weston Slade Smith, arrived on May 29th, and Bates family photographer Lydia Bates took his newborn pictures. She and Trace recorded the session on video and uploaded the footage to their YouTube account so fans can see how much the Smith children have grown.


  1. What a beautiful family! They all look so happy and healthy. But please Tori, use his first name. It drives me nuts when people use the middle name. if that's what you wanted to call him, you should've named his Slade Weston. I don't get why you Bates like to do the middle name thing. My cousin tried that with her son and her whole family (parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandpa, cousins and all) refused to cooperate. So her son is called by his first name. She threw in the towel. :) I hope Lydia gets pregnant soon. Praying for her!

    1. I agree with you about the name thing. If you're going to call your child by a name, then it's way less confusing to give him/her the name you intend to use as the first name. However, I don't understand why you're so eager for Lydia to get pregnant as her son is less than a year old.

    2. Because they have expressed their desire for another one multiple times since the miscarriage. So I pray that the Lord grant their desire.

    3. Lydia has said before and after Ryker's birth that she wants twins and Trace mentioned how much he wants a girl in one of their post miscarriage vids. So I'm praying the Lord gives them twin girls!


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