Sunday, March 28, 2021

7th Bates Grandchild Turns 3

Happy 3rd birthday to Zoey! She is the third of the four Webster daughters and the seventh of Gil and Kelly Bates' 15 (soon to be 18) grandchildren. We are including a photo of Zoey and Everly as infants because Everly will celebrate her third birthday in just two days. It's sweet that both cousins have middle names that are blessings that come from walking with God: God gives us hope (Everly Hope) and joy (Zoey Joy).

Alyssa Webster, Everly Paine, Zoey Webster, Erin Paine

Zoey Webster with Addee Bates, Maci Webster, Allie Webster, Lexi Webster

Photos courtesy of; @websterforever


  1. I do remember that picture Alyssa is holding Erin baby Everly hope & Erin is holding Zoey joy they are so precious lil sweeies & Alyssa & Erin are good moms too

  2. Hoping all the Bates are safe and nowhere near the extensive flooding in Nashville at this time.
    My prayers go out to those living in that area.

    1. Amen to that!! God bless those affected by floods and tornadoes.

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  4. She is such a cutie. hope she had a good birthday at the new house.

  5. HAPPY Birthday ZOEY Fun,Happiness and blessings for you.
    Marilyn,Joan,and Marion

  6. Happy birthday ZOEY!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!

  7. Happy 3rd birthday Miss Zoey hope you have a fun filled blessed day

  8. I love your family !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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