Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Bates Daddy/Daughter Dinner

"I don't want to be 20 because then you have to go to college, and that's no fun. And you have to work, and there's no time to play."
-Ellie Bates

Last week, we shared a Great Bates Moment video of Gil Bates' and Josie Bates' father/daughter tennis date. Well, with 10 daughters, there's always plenty of daddy/daughter fun to be had! In this Great Bates clip, watch footage from Gil's dinner with the three youngest girls, Addallee Bates, Ellie Bates, and Callie Bates. These gals sure do adore their daddy!

Photo/video courtesy of UP


  1. That's a good idea of Gil to have Daddy/ daughter to have fun & bond with his daughters even the youngest ones. As the youngest daughter's grow up one day they will be in a courtship to fall in love with the man of the dreams. But their first love in life is their daddy. Growing up I had no father in my life I had my mom Gertrude Chancy my older brother Jean now lives in CA now in his 30s my younger brother Quincy lives with us now in his early 20s me Iam in my late 20s. But sometimes I do wish I had a daddy in my life. I have a aunt who lives in New Jersey who is a mom & His my dad's sister. Gil wants to bond with his daughters the younger ones before they grow up & Have husbands of their own.

    1. You are providing a little too much information on a public forum. Ellie should delete your comment

    2. I was concerned about that too.

  2. That's exciting!! 30 years


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