Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Dress Like a Bates

Many of my readers have asked where the Bates ladies find such cute dresses. I posed your question to Carlin and Whitney, and they shared their top three retailers. Here they are, along with links:

NeeSee's Dresses: Always Modest, Always Beautiful
Old Navy
Paisley Kate's Boutique
Photo courtesy of TarynYagerPhotography.com


  1. Maybe one day the Bates girls do a clothing line for modest. I would love to see that for women of all ages.

  2. Thank you! I appreciate posts like this and would like to see more of these!

    I’ve gotten dresses from Neesee’s Dresses and Old Navy and love both!

    Tips: for Neesee’s, wait to buy until they have sales. You can get dresses for under $20 and sometimes even just $10 when they’re on sale. For Old Navy, order length “tall” so dresses aren’t so short!

    1. Thanks for the tips!:)

    2. Anon 10:17PM
      Do you know how many times I restrained myself from buying Old Navy dresses because they were too short? I never thought of buying tall!!! Thanks for your tips :)

    3. You could also buy the dress and pair it with a pencil skirt to add length.

  3. Can you please ask Carlin where the dress in this picture is from? Thanks! :)

  4. Engagement photos ? Can't wait for the new season to start. I suspect if Carlin and Evan haven't progressed to engagement yet, that they soon will. I predict a courtship for Josie this next year. Lawson and Nate better get busy!! LOL just kidding.

  5. Thank you so much for posting this! I have always wondered where the Bates ladies get their dresses and have always admired them. My tastes are more on the modest side, too, so this is great! I've never heard of NeeSee's so I checked it out before posting this comment. Great sale items!

  6. Maybe Nathan and Lawson aren't ready to date they probably want to me single for awhile


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