Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Big 3-0!

 Erin, Carson, Chad, and Brooklyn Paine

Wishing Chad Paine a happy 30th birthday! Chad, whose full name is Charles Stephen Paine III, is the first of Gil and Kelly Bates' 19 children and four children-in-law to hit this milestone.

Zach Bates will turn 30 in December 2018, with Brandon Keilen and John Webster following in fall 2019 and Michaela Bates Keilen celebrating her 30th birthday in January 2020. Chad and Erin are four years apart in age.

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Photo courtesy of UP


  1. Happy birthday and you don't look a day over 29!

  2. Happy Birthday Chad. And I know all about being the first to hit these milestone birthdays too...I am the first of my siblings/spouses and all of my cousins/spouses, and the first on my husband's side of the family, of him and his siblings/spouses, but thank goodness NOT his cousins! Enjoy the BIG 3-0!!!!!

  3. Happy 30th Birthday Chad! Hope you had a good one.

  4. Love Erin's shoes!


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