Monday, April 10, 2017

Heartbeat Complications

This week's episode is the Bringing Up Bates season five finale! But don't worry, UP has several specials scheduled as you wait for the season six premiere.

The Bates have a lot in store for viewers on Thursday's hour-long episode. As Lexi Mae Webster's birth approaches, Alyssa Webster is told that the baby's heartbeat is skipping (seen in the video below). Will these complications impact the delivery? Following Lexi's arrival, the Websters join the entire Bates clan in East Tennessee for a "down on the farm" themed I Love You Day celebration.

Photo/video courtesy of UP


  1. Obviously, this was in the past and we all have seen the baby and she's fine. So, why keep things under wraps? It's anticlimactic to do so, IMO. No word about this at the time, why?

  2. hope all is well with baby Lexi. Praying for y'all . love you and your show. God Bless !!

  3. So thankful the Lord kept her baby safe and Lexi Mae arrived with no complications.

  4. Prayers are with the family. Having a schedule c section to reduce stress isn't a sin. I'm sure her doctor will monitor and provide the best guidance to allow a safe delivery.
    I'm also certain faith is strong.
    God bless

    1. She safely delivered her baby a couple of months ago. Everything was fine.

  5. I loved how Ally is so good and calm on the couch.I wish I was related to them.

  6. I hope that it was just something with the Doppler. Hope Lexi doesn't have any congenital heart issue... she looks very healthy. Must've been nerve wracking though.

  7. Happened with my second baby too, I guess it's not that uncommon for a baby's heartbeat to skip sometimes, they resolve themselves usually after birth:)

  8. When I was expecting my baby girl, the doctor couldn't detect a heartbeat and I had to get an ultrasound right away. Thankfully, the ultrasound picked up a normal heartbeat, and she was born perfectly healthy, but that was such a scary, awful feeling! Glad Alyssa's baby is healthy!


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