Thursday, February 16, 2017

'Shakeups, Steak, and Showtime' Recap

Bringing Up Bates "Shakeups, Steak, and Showtime!"

  • Lawson is thrilled to receive a bunch of copies of his new CD. “When you finally get a mastered product on a disk, that’s something special, and being able to bring it in and show the family, it’s a really cool moment,” says the budding country musician. “When the boxes showed up at the door, I was just praising the Lord.”
  • Lawson is preparing for a big charity concert in Knoxville benefiting the East Tennessee Children’s hospital.
  • Zach and Whitney drop Bradley and Kaci off at the family’s house so they can go on a dinner date. It’s their first time eating at Ye Olde Steak House, the restaurant where Gil and Kelly used to order celebratory meals from when they had a baby.
  • The “little” Bates couple will soon celebrate their three-year wedding anniversary. Zach has recently switched from night shifts to day shifts. Bradley always waits eagerly by the door for his dad to come home.
  • “Do you remember though when we first got married and you asked me if you could be a cop?” Whitney asks Zach. “I was like, ‘No, you can’t be a cop; no way.’ Now I can’t imagine you doing anything different.”
  • “I’m loving my job, but more than anything, I love having a family,” shares Zach.
  • Emily Ann Roberts is unable to make it to the charity concert, so Lawson asks Carlin to sing Emily Ann's parts. Carlin says there is no way she can fill Emily Ann’s shoes, but Lawson believes in her.
  • It’s the evening of the show, and the music is scheduled to start in 45 minutes. The computer system goes down, and the family members and friend who are helping are having difficulty scanning the tickets.
  • “There was a little bit of confusion,” says Kelly. “A little bit of confusion?” responds Gil. “Maybe a lot of confusion,” corrects Kelly.
  • The show finally starts, and the fans are hyped up. Lawson is disappointed when he forgets the words to one of his songs, but he quickly moves past it. “Mess-ups happen, but taking it light and watching people’s reactions, making sure they’re enjoying themselves, I think is a lot more important than perfection,” says Lawson.
  • Lawson and Carlin’s “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus” duet ends up sounding great.
  • At the end of the concert, Lawson brings AJ and two other kids from the children’s hospital up on stage to sing “Jesus Loves Me.”
  • “Here are little kids that are very sick,” says proud father Gil. “They have been through some of the hardest times in life, and yet, they’re there to sing a song to encourage us. It was a moving moment.”
  • “I can’t even begin to say how proud I was of Lawson,” says Zach. “The hardest person in the world to impress is your big brother, and Lawson has impressed me above and beyond.”


  1. Thanks for the recap! This sounds weird but if don't have TV (we don't either!) how do you post the recaps?

  2. I watch your show every week. I really enjoyed listening to Lawson and Carlin sing tonight!! They both have beautiful voices, as well as the little kids that also got up to sing!! I look forward to every episode, it's so hard to find quality programs lately. Thank you for sharing your family with us!! Pam

  3. Congrats to Lawson. You did great.nice to see a Christian gentleman doing so well.Your family is rightfully proud of you.

  4. This show always touches my heart - without fail these children show they are giving and thoughtful toward everyone.
    God has ( & will) watch over all of you.
    Thank you Gil & Kelly Jo for sharing your lives and treasures with us.

  5. Whitney is the sweetest! I loved seeing more of her in last night's episode.

  6. Was this a religious concert? Why do they seem to ONLY sing religious songs? It's not a sin to sing other songs too. It gets monotonous and boring to always have the same repertoire. Life is about other things THAT GOD CREATED and MAN created to have fun with and enjoy. Why not sing about those things too?

    1. Perhaps the reason they sing only Christian songs is because that is what the Lord wants them to sing. I don't find songs about God and His live boring at all.

    2. Oops! I think I made a typo. I met to say God and His love.

    3. I read that IBLP encourages only Christian and classical music. Maybe that has something to do with it?

    4. Some worldly music is not bad, but the Bible says that whatever you do to do it for the glory of God. Even if worldly music isn't a sin, if it's not glorifying to God, then it's really not worth singing or listening to. That is what IBLP means. Our PURPOSE ON EARTH IS TO GLORIFY GOD!
      Don't criticize this great Christian family for HONORING GOD AND BRINGING GLORY TO HIM!!!!!!!

  7. Are you the same negative person. Who often leaves nasty comments obviously you have issues with this family so stop contributing we all l9ve this family and show.go complain. Somewhere else.

  8. Anyone can leave a message. The blog is on the internet so not all messages may be filled with praise.

  9. I enjoy this blog as do 99.9% of the people that visit here. Its the other small percentage of angry,confrontational, and condescending individuals (with OBVIOUSLY nothing better to do) that choose to visit here anyway in hope of finding 'company' for their misery...if you have such a negative feeling about the Bates Family or the MAJORITY of our comments and replies, perhaps you shouldn't come to this all...ever

  10. I'm with you Mary....well said but i couldn't resist voicing my opinion as well..God Bless this wonderful family and in the meantime, I'll pray for the people who try in vane to rob people of their JOY...

  11. Well thanks P KELLY CLAY. I just love the Bates so much.they have so much genuine love in their family and with all the negative on TV it's nice to see. Have a super blessed day!


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