Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Photos: Tori and Bobby in Florida

Tomorrow night on Bringing Up Bates (airs at 9pm ET/8pm CT on UP), Tori and the Bates family meet up with Bobby for a fun-filled vacation in Florida. Bobby has been in an unofficial relationship with Tori for one year and is ready to ask her to take the next step.

The episode, appropriately titled "I 'Donut Know What I'd Do Without You," will give viewers a behind the scenes look at all the wonderful surprises Bobby shares with Tori throughout the week, including one big surprise that sweeps Tori off her feet. Check out the snapshots below for a preview.

Just minutes before Tori arrives with the rest of the family, a few of the Bates siblings scramble to help Bobby decorate the condo.

Tori is blown away when she walks in.

The Bates love the beach! They have been spending vacations in Florida since the older kids were infants. (Click here to view throwback photos.)

Tori and Bobby enjoy quality time together, which is something they don't often get. (Bobby attends school in Florida, while Tori is working on an education degree at a college close near Knoxville.)

One of the activities that Bobby has planned is parasailing.

Gil and Kelly Bates always enjoy making memories with their children.

If Tori and Bobby tie the knot, Carlin Bates (18) and Josie Bates (17) will be the oldest, unmarried Bates daughters.

Bobby and the Bates bring out their competitive sides at a nearby mini-golf course. 

Photos courtesy of UP


  1. I wish them all the best. God bless this entire family and may this courtship lead to an engagement.They seem well matched for each other.

  2. So good to see that they're not doing the ridiculous side hug thing that the Duggars do! It's so cute to see two people who are in love, why make them feel guilty if they want to hug or kiss?

  3. Is this a condo that Bobby has purchased and they're going to live there when they get married?

  4. Aww man! They were in Pensacola again :(

  5. Tori is a sweet young lady with a sweet smile and a fun personality! May God bless her and Bobby and their relationship!

  6. Just love this family.some are quick to critique them but I think they're amazing. Best of luck to Tori and Bobby. Gil and Kelly have wonderful children and grandchildren not a small accomplishment especially now days.blessings to every one in their family. ��

  7. Love how the whole family gets involved!😊

  8. You do such a nice job writing about this beloved family! It is tricky, but when you talk about them as a group, they should be referred to as "The Bateses" or "The Bates Family" in order to pluralize properly.

    1. Who cares! Seriously why all the grammar correcting all the time.

    2. Technically, yes, but I'm sure Ellie and Lily know they are using artistic license.
      Remember the old Zest commercials -- "You'll feel cleaner than your soap!" Same kind of thing. Grammatically incorrect, but effective for the purpose.

  9. Glad to see the young woman are going to college. Good for them!!

  10. Wishing both of y'all luck and happiness in y'all relationship


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