Thursday, November 10, 2016

Supersized Episode Airs Tonight

UP has another supersized episode of Bringing Up Bates in store for viewers tonight. What's a "supersized episode," you say? It's basically a rerun that has been revamped.

Since most of the footage has been shown before, we won't be posting a recap, but you can look back at the recap we wrote for "The Big Chili" in July. Scroll down to watch a promo video.

Thursday, November 10
8pm: Meet Kaci Lynn Bates
9pm: Supersized: Extra Chili (NEW)
In this all-new SUPERSIZED episode, get more from the Bates as they attend an event at the fire station that saved Addallee's life when she was a baby. 
9:30pm: The Great Bates Clean-Up10pm: Supersized: Extra Chili
10:30pm: Supersized: Extra Birthday Bash

Photo/video courtesy of UP


  1. Another rerun? So much for the extended season UP hyped. Seems like we've had an awful lot of reruns lately.

  2. are you serious?! we are getting tired of all these "supersized" episodes!!

  3. Lily and Ellie, is it possible to get some video from Zach & Whitney's wedding. I can't find it anywhere on the internet and I know there was some Duggar Bates pranking going on would love to see it!


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