Friday, May 20, 2016

Another Fan Shares Grad Party Pics

We have another batch of photos from Trace and Carlin Bates' grad party to share. These were sent to us by Taylor, who lives in Michigan and drove eight hours with her mom to meet the Bates. To see her photos of the Duggars, click here to visit our Duggar Family Fan Blog.

When we got there all I could see were Duggars and Bates everywhere. We were so excited! Carlin came right to us and told us how happy she was that we were able to make it, and she was an absolute sweetheart.

Taylor with Carlin Bates

My mom wanted a picture with Kelly, so Kelly was looking around for someone to take our picture, and Ashley came and took the picture of me, my mom, and Kelly. We told Ashley how we think she is so funny and bubbly and we just love her. Ashley and Kelly were so sweet, and each one of the Bates that we talked to talked to us like they had known us for years. 

 Taylor with her mom and Kelly Bates

Whitney was SO sweet and kind, and her and my mom talked a while about how their pregnancies were, and Whitney said she's feeling really good with her current pregnancy with Kaci.

 Taylor with Whitney Bates

Erin was a sweetheart, and so was Chad.

 Taylor with Erin Paine

I talked to Lawson about his latest song "I Will Always" and how much I love it and listen to it all the time, and he told me he's releasing more songs to that album soon.

 Taylor with Lawson Bates and Joseph Duggar

Michaela was so sweet and had little Callie with her, and you could tell Callie was so happy to have Michaela back home. 

 Taylor with Michael Keilen

Gil and Kelly were so friendly and told us how happy they would be to have us at their church that next morning, and they couldn't believe we drove from Michigan. 

 Taylor with Gil and Kelly Bates

We had a great time...and I'm so thankful to have been able to meet them. Even though I was so nervous to go up to each...of them, the ones I was able to calm down and talk to were so sweet and kind, and they are just like how you see them on TV. 

Taylor also met Tori and her friend Bobby.

 Taylor with Tori Bates and her friend Bobby


  1. Tori and Bobby... has a nice ring to it :)

  2. I wonder what is the latest about Tori and Bobby!

  3. Thank you Taylor for sharing these pictures! I wonder how many people were at the party?

  4. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos. Everyone looks beautiful.

  5. Love the pictures Taylor you are so beautiful along with all the bates too of course!! Is there any news to shear about Tori and Bobby?!

  6. Tori and Bobby look so cute together! Or am I the only one thinking that?

  7. One of those Bates boys or Duggar boys should scoop Taylor up...she's a cutie!!!

  8. Lovley Pictures!

  9. Taylor is very pretty. I wonder who will take an interest in her--a Bates or a Duggar??

  10. ......I wonder if Carlin is told to over take the one on one interviews bY producers , did anyone else notice that? I have no idea who the other girls are in the bates household that are still at home except for Carlin. Just like with Jessa on 19 kids .

    1. I think since it was Carlin's idea to open the party to the fans, she wanted to be the one greeting everybody :)

  11. Tori and Bobby????

  12. Taylor is gorgeous!!!!!!!

  13. Aww cool. I wish soooo badly that I could have gone but I couldn't make it.

  14. Bobby looks photoshopped in that pic!

  15. are the bates rather short people... every one else seams to town over them


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