Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What's Cooking?

In the following video from UP, the Keilens and Websters share their favorite meals. While Michaella Keilen and Alyssa Webster do most of the cooking in their homes, they are grateful to have husbands who are more than willing to lend a hand.

Photo/video courtesy of UP


  1. Hello,
    Love the Bates Family. Ellie & Lilly, and the Bates Family, would you consider adding a recipe tab to your blog and share the recipes that the Family has? Would love to have Michael's parmeassean Chicken recipe, her blueberry cobbler recipe and Alyssa's terryaki chicken recipe.

    Always looking for "Family" tried and true recipes! Those are the best.

    So sweet to see the young married couples appreciate and be thankful for common, everyday things that their spouses do for them.

    So many young people today are so focused on money, achievements and administrative positions that they miss the blessings in their own marriages and homes that are right there in front of them.

    God has used Gil and Kelly as an extension of His love to raise and nurture their children. Their 19 children seem so grounded and it is the love, commitment and foundation their parents have given them in such a loving environment.

    Such a blessing to see the fruition of their hard work as their older children begin to leave the nest and fly on their own!

    What an example in today's world the love, commitment and hard work it takes to raise a good Family!

    Thank You, Bate's Family, for sharing your life with others!

    Of course we know that God is the center of your lives, but one has to surrender to that purpose, first, in order to see God's real blessings in your life!

  2. Please do a post about what Erin, Alyssa, Michael, and Whitney's days are spent doing! Is all they do cooking and cleaning? I look forward to learning more soon! :) Thanks.

  3. What do the girls do all day if they don't work, especially before they have kids?

    1. We all know that Erin is a piano teacher and has many students. Michael is finishing school.

    2. School for what?

    3. Finishing school?? What is she finishing?

  4. Will you please do a post about the jobs of all the adult Bateses and their spouses? I can never keep track of them all. Thanks.

  5. I thought that was an incredibly sweet video. I love how their husbands want to help out. I have been married for 6 years now, and my husband still helps me out around the house. I am so thankful for him, and I'm sure these girls are thankful for their husbands, too. Selfless love holds marriages together, both people looking for ways they can serve and love the other, not holding high expectations for what the other person should be doing for you.

  6. Can we have the recipes?? The chicken dishes sound great!

  7. These little videos lately with the married children have been so fun to watch. I love to see how all their relationships are different and how they're all adapting to married life. But why haven't the videos been including Erin? She's one of the married children.

  8. Lily and Ellie,
    Any possibility of getting the recipes? :) How special if we fans could enjoy them too! My mouth is watering... :)

  9. When I first saw the headline, and the way she was looking at Brandon, I thought she was pregnant!


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