Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Next Stop...Hollywood?

This week's segment of Name That Bates, hosted by Trace Bates, 19, features Lawson Bates, 23, and Nathan Bates, 22. The boys discuss potential genres and actors if their life stories were featured in a movie. Do you think they should play themselves, as Lawson suggests?


Photo/video courtesy of UP


  1. Well, the Bates kids must be endulging in some secular media after all!

  2. Chuck Norris, MacGuyver, and John Wayne! Three of my favorites. That's one tough-guy combination!

  3. I love Macgyver! They still show the reruns on TV.

  4. I love the Bates "kids". I know it's horrible to compare, but since both families are on reality TV I'm going to say it--you would never see the Duggar siblings teasing each other. The Bates siblings are always teasing and laughing at each other. The Duggars would give a lecture about only speaking words of encouragement. The Bates are real..they tease, they laugh, they poke fun at each other, but are still each other's biggest allies.


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