Thursday, March 10, 2016

Tonight: Back Seat Bates

A new episode of Bringing Up Bates premieres tonight at 9 PM ET/8 PM CT on UP.

Zack takes his family to the Police Academy to give them a taste of what he went through. Then, Lawson visits AJ, a young cancer patient whom has been mentoring, and Chad helps Erin design the album cover of her Christmas CD.

Check out these videos:

"Back Seat Bates" Promo Video

Exclusive Scenes (NoahPOPTV)

Videos courtesy UP/NoahPOPTV


  1. Hi Lilly and Ellie! This is really off topic, but, I was wondering if you'd possibly consider making a little file labeled name that bates where you have all of the name that bates and the great debates videos in one place so that I can watch all of them. And also on the Duggar Family Blog back when Jill was pregnant you had her hold up a chalk board with the months next to her belly, would you consider doing that white Whiteny and Erin? I live in Franklin TN which is 20 minutes from Nashville so cool that I live close to you Ellie!

    1. Hi Ashley!

      Sure, week can create a page with the links to all the Name That Bates videos. It might take us a little while to compile them, but we will start working on it. Thanks for the idea!

      To answer your second question, the Bates don't share as many personal pictures as the Duggars do, so that probably won't be possible.

      That's neat that you live in Franklin! It's a beautiful area!

    2. Thanks! Oh well that's okay. At least I'll get to see then pregnant on the show! I agree Franklin/Nashville is beautiful!
      Blessings Ashley

  2. Erin is having a girl!! Brooklyn Elise Paine!

  3. I am with Kelly! Not a brave gal when riding in a car like that :)

  4. Haven't laughed so hard in a long time.
    Having said that, Kelly and I use the same back seat driving techniques...when in doubt scream!
    Loved this whole episode!

  5. When they visited the hospital, did Carlin's shirt say "Thug Life"? I don't think that's very appropriate for anyone, especially during a trip to visit sick kids. They can wear whatever they want but for a family who doesn't approve of women wearing pants, it doesn't seem like the thug life dovetails well with their values.


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