Thursday, October 8, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Bates in 2011

In January 2011, Ryan Owens from ABC News interviewed Gil and Kelly Bates and their then-18 children at their home near Knoxville, Tennessee. The family gave Owens a tour of the house and a run-down of their daily routine. 

At that time, the Bates family told ABC that they had no interest in being the stars of a reality TV show. They also shared that they hoped to end up with a total of 10 boys and 10 girls. Now, nearly five years later, Gil and Kelly have 9 sons, 10 daughters, three sons-in-law, one daughter-in-law, and three grandchildren. 


  1. The video won't play. It puts a line thru the play button

    1. Hi there,

      That's very odd. It is working on our end. Here is the direct link to the video:

      Lily and Ellie

  2. I am curious as to what Kelly's profession was, she said she was very career focused? Do you have any idea?

  3. I'm also curious about how they made ends meet before landing the TV show. How did they keep up with medical bills for a family of 20? Did they have insurance and, if so, how did they pay for it? Have they received public assistance or community assistance from their church or friends/family?

  4. i dont think i ever saw that video. thanks for posting.
    i believe kelly jo was studying to be a teacher, her focus was on education. they are very supportive of their kids getting an 'outside' college education, in fact, tori is following in her footsteps.


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