Friday, October 9, 2015

Bates 'Speak Up'

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. In the following video, the Bates family encourages children to speak up about bullying.


  1. Kelly is absolutely beautiful! Inside and out!

  2. Please research the bullying agenda. It is a disguise by those promoting all the bullying laws in schools to push through the gay agenda. Not something the Bates would want to support if they knew the agenda behind it.

    1. WOW, I guess you were never bullied in school, it is a very real problem, glad the Bates support kids NOT being bullied!

  3. Replies
    1. Hi there,

      Nothing has been announced, so any speculations about Jinger and Lawson are still just rumors. But stay tuned! With 19 kids in each family, there is bound to be a courtship announcement sooner or later.

      Lily and Ellie

  4. October is also "Adopt a Pet from the Shelter" month! Adopt a dog or cat from your local animal shelter or pet rescue group. Is your house full right now? Volunteer at the shelter! You should also think about fostering a dog or cat. Pet foster parents are highly needed.

  5. What do the Bates kids know about bullying? Do they have experience with bullying? From what I see on the show, they don't mix with the outside world much. I thought they were home schooled and mostly play with each other on their large property, not with neighborhood kids. Serious question.

  6. Alyssa's father-in-law is up for Speaker of the House! You can show your support for Daniel Webster here:


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