Friday, October 23, 2015

Bates Home Makeover

Last season on Bringing Up Bates, Gil and Kelly Bates accompanied Michael, who was not yet engaged, on a trip to Chicago to spend time with Brandon Keilen and his parents. While they were away, Chad and Erin Paine stayed at the house and enlisted the children to help with a special surprise for Mom and Dad.

When Gil and Kelly walked through the door of their bedroom after the trip, they were shocked to see what the kids had been up to: an extreme home makeover.

"...Just the thought that our kids would want to do something like that for us, it was really sweet," shared Kelly, after the initial shock of the surprise had passed. Check out this video:


  1. Looks even better! And how great that they wanted to pay babysitting to Chad and Erin!

  2. What a wonderful surprise for Gil and Kelly. It shows that loving, giving parents raise loving, giving children.

  3. I love that they understand how much work it was for Erin and Chad to watch like 15 kids. They don't just act like "oh haha you grown up with it so it was no work at all. Haha #huge family", but they really wanted to pay them for all the work they did. I live this family so much. They are so genuine and caring! The Bates are too amazing!


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