Friday, September 4, 2015

The Bates Couples Get Personal

What does the future hold for the married Bates couples and their families?

Bradley Bates turns one on October 29th, but Zach and Whitney Bates are having a difficult time accepting that. Meanwhile, Erin and Chad Paine both agree that they need to recuperate before they can handle another child.

Whitney (very serious): "I might cry when I say it, but Bradley's going to be turning one...soon."
Zach (refusing to believe it): "That's a long ways away. It's not in the near future."
Whitney (still very serious): "We'd rather not discuss that yet. That's quite sad."
Zach (smiling at his wife): "I'm Daddy in denial over here."

Erin (smiling): "Every time I see Carson, I'm like, 'He needs a brother.'"
Chad (jokingly, while cuddling his son): "You know you've gotta picture him in a little room, all by himself, sitting there with blocks and just looking at the blocks."
Erin (playfully): "Oh honey, stop."
Chad (laughing): Nobody to fight with, nobody to steal his blocks. You know, he's gotta have somebody.
Erin (very serious): "He's so cute, but, before we have any other baby, we've gotta sleep, just a little bit. We've gotta learn how to be parents. It's a little harder than I thought."


  1. Honey you don't have to have another baby right now enjoy the one you got first. They need special care and teaching and if you have another baby to soon then he will be left out because a new baby takes lots of care. Just wait till he is about 2 year old and by then your son will be well astablisished .

  2. well thank goodness, they are stopping to think before jumping on that lets pop out a baby a year train...

  3. Carson is just precious!

  4. They grow up so fast. Take time to enjoy them. More babies will come in time :) I will say this, the Bates produce the cutest babies!

  5. SO Cute!
    Congrats to you all for having such precious children--Zach and Wit, Chad and Erin!!!


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