Friday, November 26, 2021

Holland Turns 2

We hope our American readers had a very happy Thanksgiving!

Happy 2nd birthday to Holland Paine! Holland is Erin and Chad Paine's fourth child, and she will soon be a big sister. Little sister Finley Marie Paine is due in January 2022. 

Erin Paine and Holland Paine

Holland Paine

Photos courtesy of; @chad_erinpaine


  1. Wishing you A joy filled day and a HAPPY,BLESSED BIRTHDAY HOLLAND
    Marilyn,Joan and Marion

  2. Happy 2nd Birthday sweet Holland! You look just like your big brother Carson at that age (correct me if I'm wrong). Can't wait to see you as a big sister soon to Baby Finley.

    1. She looks more like Brooklyn. They look like Daddy

    2. I noticed the resemblance to Carson right away too!

  3. Such a cute picture with the piglet.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Holland Shoes Paine!!! U have 2 amazing parents!!!! I love U 6!!!!!!!!

  5. Happy birthday Holland hope you had a wonderful birthday sweet girl can't believe you ate already 2 .


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