Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Baby Shower or Mt. Everest?

Judson Bates and Jeb Bates

"The boys do not like to go to showers and stuff. We'd rather be doing something like basketball, football, jumping off Mt. Everest with wingsuits."
-Judson Bates

Well at least he's honest! The baby shower for Tori ends up being mostly ladies, but some of the women drag their guys along. If you watch the episode this week, you'll laugh when Erin heads up one of the games and Chad shares his opinion on it. In the video below, Whitney Bates introduces a game.

Photo/video courtesy of UPtv


  1. Love this show and the families. I think Erin and Chad are great and will always stay close to their faith.

  2. I think they all will, what does your comment even mean?

  3. I hope one day there'll be a Bates girl who prefers basketball to showers!

  4. My last name is Bates, I’m female and I play basketball at a university 😆🤣🙃

    Does that count? Teeheehee

  5. Nobody likes baby showers; they're done as a favor and nice gesture to the expectant parents. They default to women the same way other household and family chores do.

    1. Huh. Someone must like baby showers or they wouldn't have them.

  6. Love their southern accents. Whitney sounded like she said she was handing out "pins", but it was "pens". I love it...

  7. Judson is such a mini Lawson.

  8. Judson is to cute. Love all the Bates but Judson is so special to me.

  9. I love Josie's outfit!! Can we get a post on where all the bates girls shop?? They always have the cutest clothes!


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