Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Lawson's New Christmas Music Video

Lawson Bates Back to Christmas

A couple weeks ago, we announced that Lawson Bates' new Christmas singles had been released. One was a traditional holiday tune, "Go Tell it on the Mountain," while the other was an original song, "Back to Christmas." In early December, Lawson filmed a music video for "Back to Christmas," and it is officially ready for viewing. Watch it below.

Photo/video courtesy of UP/Lawson Bates


  1. This was awesome, esp. the mission and Harvey footage! And the intro. Congratulations!!!

  2. Good for you Lawson living your dreams & Force on them first before you get into a courtship. So congrats on your new Christmas CD.

  3. He's so talented. Just curious...the Bates are totally against dancing of any kind. Even though this song is Christian, doesn't the style of music make people want to sway? Dance just a little? What would be wrong with that?

    1. Been wondering the same... My choice as a Christian who does not dance is not to listen or sing this kind of music that makes you want to sway. Simple as that.

      But I understand your point. It does seem hypocritical to me, produce dance music when you don't approve of dancing. Didn't Lawson sing about one night stands, too?

  4. Ironic how the Bates do not approve of dancing but Emily Ann Roberts' Voice audition was "I hope you dance." Beautiful song with a beautiful message.

  5. Absolutely Beautiful Song! Sums it all up! I shared this on my Facebook page!!! Great job Lawson! 🖒🖒🖒

  6. Beautiful Song! The intro was awesome, made me want to keep listening. This song definitely delivers the message of Christmas. Great job and Thank you!!! Merry Christmas to you & all your family.

  7. He is talented but his voice is still lacking in strength. I think if he works hard for a few years he might be able to make it somewhere. Maybe not as a professional performer but working in music somehow.


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