Saturday, December 2, 2017

12 Days of Bates-mas

Now that December is officially underway, we have a fun throwback video to share with you. This is one of the original clips created to advertise the premiere of Bringing Up Bates three years ago. Lots has changed since then!

Photo/video courtesy of UP


  1. 3 tied the knot...
    Actually 4 of 'em,Zach, Alyssa, Erin, Michaella and soon enough Tori will

  2. It's Been 3 years already? Wow time should drove by fast with that one.

  3. Anonymous Dec 2/2017/ at 10:49. Michaella wasn't married yet when that came out. That came out in Jan 2014 and Michaella got married in June of 2015. So only 3 of the kids were married at that time.


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