Thursday, July 27, 2017

'More Bloopers, Outtakes and Mishaps, Oh My!' Recap

Bringing Up Bates "More Bloopers, Outtakes and Mishaps, Oh My!"
  • "One of the problems we have in our family [is] we have never learned to let one person talk at a time," says Gil. "There's this huge barrage of verbal things coming, and everybody's talking at one time."
  • When asked who the best driver in the family is, Lawson responds: "This family lacks good drivers."
  • During an interview, the producer asks why there's a rooster crowing at 2:00pm, and Kelly responds, "He's a Bates!"
  • Do you remember the Bates' visit to Dollywood? Although Kelly is terrified of heights, she faces her fears and rides a roller coaster, but the Bates mom screams the entire time. 
  • Which Bates are the most out of control when they laugh? Tori and Callie. Tori's laugh is a loud cackle, and when Callie gets going, she can't stop.
  • What are the Bates' favorite words/phrases? "Awkward," "epic," and "oh my stars."
  • Now let's talk about weddings. "The coolest part about going to the Bates weddings are watching the little kids," says Lawson. "They get standing up there on the stage, and they just lose their attention, and they start going crazy."
  • And then there's the food fight that breaks out while "Kay Kay" (Kelly's sister Kay) is teaching the kids how to decorate wedding cakes.


  1. Was it my imagination, or was this completely made up of old material? I wound up fast-forwarding through much of it.

  2. While cute, this is basically a repeat of stuff already seen in other episodes.

  3. About Bobby Smith: This is the only boyfriend that I don't like. Why? While watching an "I Love You Day" performance, Tori was laughing uproariously. He put his hands over her mouth to shut her up. Don't marry him, Tori. He'll suck the joy out of you!

    1. Seriously! Sometimes people read too much into things!

  4. I didn't see that hand over Tori's mouth episode, but if true, I agree. She should not be squelched.

    1. Bobby doesn't seem like the squelching type, and Tori definitely doesn't seem like someone who lets people squelch her easily!


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