Thursday, July 13, 2017

'Don't Worry, We've 'Goat' This!' Recap

Bringing Up Bates "Don't Worry, We've 'Goat' This!"

  • As they show opens, some of the younger children are over at Erin and Chad’s house playing with the goats. “I think it was a great idea to get two kid goats,” says Chad. “And I think they bring a lot of smiles to Carson’s face.”
  • Gil joins them to help paint the goat shed. Chad lets the kids help cover it in a white water-based paint, with plans to finish it off with a black oil-based paint later. “I think they did awesome,” says Chad. “It was a lot of fun.”
  • Later, Gil and the boys redo the zip line that Nathan connected to the unstable shed. Isaiah tries to help, but it is a little difficult with his arm in a cast. While playing softball, he tripped over a bush and broke two bones.
  • When the zip line is finished, Trace is the first to try it out. Everyone is nervous that the trial is going to add badly, but it doesn’t. The family is thrilled about the new outdoor activity.
  • In celebration of Chad’s 30th birthday, Erin plans a getaway to Hot Springs, North Carolina. Granny and Grandpa watch Carson and Brooklyn.
  • “Of course we love getting to babysit, but it’s even more special when we’re babysitting and we know that it’s helping…one of the couples go out and spend quality time together,” says Kelly.
  • When Erin and Chad arrive at Mountain Magnolia Inn, built in 1868 by a Civil War colonel, Erin asks Chad to go check in. While the hostess gives Chad a detailed tour of the building, Erin slips away to decorate their cottage. “I knew he was so polite and so gentlemanly that he would probably sit there and just nod his head and say yes for as long as she talked to him,” laughs Erin.
  • Erin puts up fishing poles and fishing-themed banners with cute phrases, such as “Old but still a catch,” “I can’t believe I reeled you in,” and “You took my Bate bait.”
  • “You really think I’m old?” laughs Chad. “You really do think I’m old, don’t you? Just you wait. When you turn 30, you’ll wish you never turned 30.”
  • The next day, Erin takes Chad fishing in the rain.
  • “I think after I get married and have a lot of kids, I’ll like fishing, too,” says Tori. “You’ll like anything away from your kids,” adds Carlin.
  • Later, Erin and Chad relax in a hot tub filled with natural mineral water from the hot springs.
  • Back home, Gil and the kids go over to Erin and Chad’s house to check on Max, Bubby, and Sissy. A pet sitter comes by to show the Bates how to feed the goats. “Erin lived at our house for many, many years, and Erin did not trust us to take care of her animals,” says Jackson. “It’s funny that Erin trusts us to take care of her kids but not her ‘kids.’”

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