Monday, May 8, 2017

Mama Kelly Bates

Season six of Bringing Up Bates premieres in 24 days! Who's excited?

In the downtime between seasons, UP has been airing supersized specials, which give viewers a closer look at scenes from past episodes. In an hour-long Mother's Day segment this Thursday at 9pm ET/8pm CT, the network will share the most motherly moments from the past five seasons. (Visit our Showtimes page for more details.) For an emotional sneak peak, watch the video below.

Photo/video courtesy of UP


  1. 😂 I started getting teary eyed watching this clip.
    I wish my family could be more like the Bates as well as the Duggars. They truly are an inspiration to us all in spite of their mistakes. I still treasure them in my heart.

  2. Kelly seems like an amazing mother and wife. A mom who can also be a best friend as well is truly a blessing. I'd love to meet her because she seems to just have an air about her that you can't help but love and want to be around.

  3. Kelly Jo is such a sweet mama!

  4. Do you guys have a new Bates header in the works?

  5. Do the Bates have a Wednesday night prayer meeting at their church?


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