Monday, May 1, 2017

Failed Plans or Bad Aim?

"I'm not much at planning, and most of the time my aim is off, too, but I aim to get around to doing it."
-Gil Bates

Do you plan to do something, or do you aim to do it? In this Southern Speak video, the Bates discuss which phrase they prefer.

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Photo/video courtesy of UP


  1. I use both phrases. Though at times I will say Lord willing, I plan to do such and such a thing.

  2. My dad used to say I'm fixing to do something. So I'm fixing to submit this comment! Actually it was more like fixin', but I didn't want to throw you too far for a loop!

  3. I would think a lot of people on this blog would like a cookbook for many children in a hurry. I have 2 children and my "quiver" or "arrows" are complete. By choice. My husband does the cooking. But...I understand in theory how this concept would be helpful for many.


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