Monday, December 28, 2015

Bates Family Holiday Traditions

 The Bates family celebrates "I Love You Day" 2015

Kelly Bates recently sat down with International Business Times to discuss her family's Christmas traditions.

During the weekend before Christmas, the entire Bates brood gathered in Tennessee for a holiday meal of roast beef.

While Gil and Kelly always strive to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with as many family members as possible, they recognize that their married children have other obligations. Several years ago, Alyssa suggested that the Bates set aside Valentine's Day, or "I Love You Day," as their family's main holiday.

As featured on season two of Bringing Up Bates (click here to read the recap), the family celebrates February 14th with a fancy meal and a gift exchange.

At Christmastime, the Bates swap gifts with extended relatives. They focus on serving others by singing Christmas carols at local nursing homes and hospitals.

Kelly shares a tidbit of wisdom with fans: “Aim for quality time, and let your family know by both your words and actions that you not only love them immensely, but also that you are incredibly proud of them. Nothing builds stability and bonding like admiration and love. Don’t get so busy or so stressed that we lose what makes us feel so blessed."

Read the full interview on, and hear more about the Bates' Valentine's Day celebration in the video below, which features Trace Bates, Tori Bates, Lawson Bates, and Katie Bates:

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  1. Excited to watch the Bates show on January 7th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) Can't wait to see what the new future holds!!!!!!!!!!!!


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