Saturday, December 19, 2015

28 Years of Marriage

 Gil and Kelly share a precious moment with their newborn grandson, Bradley Bates
October 2014

Wishing Gil and Kelly Bates a blessed 28-year wedding anniversary! This couple's unconditional love for each other is contagious, and their godly union is a witness to millions of individuals around the world.

Watch this video, filmed just before the first season of Bringing Up Bates premiered on UP, to find out how Gil and Kelly met and what attracted them to each other:

Photo and video courtesy of UP


  1. Happy anniversary to the Bates!! They have been such a great example of a godly couple to ask of us!!

  2. Happy 28TH Anniversary Gil & Kelly-Jo. ☺☺

  3. All the very best to you both on 28 years of marriage.


  4. A very happy anniversary to Gil & Kelly Bates. I can't begin to tell you how much I admire you and your family. You are such a wonderful example of a loving, godly marriage in the way you have lived your faith and raised all of your beautiful children. Now you are blessed to see your grandchildren. What a beautiful testimony the two of you are, and what a legacy of faith and love for all of your family. I've never had the privilege to meet you but absolutely LOVE watching your show. You all feel like family to me! God bless you!

  5. God bless you guys and Happy Anniversary!!! You two always seem like you still like each other and enjoy spending time together genuinely. So many couples just go through the motions but you two appear as the real deal. What a wonderful example you have set for your family and mine!

  6. Happy Anniversary!!! You know besides my parents and other couples I've known in my life, the two of you are another great example of a godly marriage. God bless you.
    With much love
    Sharon Rose from Charlotte NC

  7. Happy Anniversary, Gil and Kelly! Love and admire you.... you all are such a blessing!


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