Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Thanksgiving on the Farm 2023

Spending Thanksgiving on Papa Bill and Mama Jane's farm in Honea Path, South Carolina, is a Bates family tradition. It's always an exciting time filled with lots of family togetherness and tasty food, and this year was no different. Trace and Lydia posted a video with footage. 

Trace and Lydia Bates: Bates Thanksgiving


  1. I love to see the family getting together.

  2. I think the time is near that this family should not descend upon Gil's parents all at once for holidays. They are aging and it was apparent in this video that Trace put out. Gil and Kelly need to realize this and visit in small groups, requiring the grandparents to do no preparation or work for their visits. Trace needs to edit his videos as personal products were visible in the shots with Mama Jane in her bedroom. No one's business to see those items needed.

    1. I cringed when I saw that! I can’t believe no one noticed and edited the video!


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