Wednesday, September 2, 2020

A 'Man Thing'?

Judson Bates, Lawson Bates, Jeb Bates

Kelly Bates: "I do not know if this is a man thing or if the boys just get this from you."

Gil Bates: "Now wait a minute."

Kelly Bates: "Y'all are all terrible about not reading directions to something."

What do you think, is it a "man thing," or just a "Bates man thing"? During quarantine, Lawson, Judson, and Jeb help Kelly put together a shelf for an organizing project (video below). But will they successfully complete the task without looking at the instructions? 

 Photo/video courtesy of UPtv


  1. It's not a "man thing". I have 2 daughters who do not read directions either. Their projects turn out great.

  2. I think it has to do with how you process information that has little to do with gender. In our house it’s the opposite of the Bates. My husband goes methodically step by step and reads directions. I can’t follow written directions. I learn by doing or someone showing me. So his way it gets done slow but sure. My way it generally doesn’t get done at all, unless I find someone to do it for me.

  3. Both myself and my husband read instructions. We like to race each other at flat-pack too. However I know a lot of men that don't read instructions. Most ladies are scared of getting laughed at if they do it wrong so we read the instructions 😉 Now when it comes to asking questions about directions or something we aren't so sure about ..... Hmmm my hubby isn't very good at that 😜

  4. Time 2:20AM Thurs 9/3/20
    It's both a man's thing & Bates thing.
    Fixing the self.

  5. I think it also depends on the project. If it's something he's never done before, my husband starts by laying all the parts out in the correct order, then goes step by step. On the other hand, he almost broke our front window by not reading the directions for a power washer.
    Our kids don't read directions either, and there's usually mixed results.

  6. Is there a reason Kelly isn't helping? Why couldn't she put them together? They look very simple

  7. My husband and I both read, and will ASK for directions! God bless.

  8. No Kelly your helpers are married and have their own families. I hope during the quarantine that Kelly pulls back on her codependency on her daughters. Fix up her own home and not push this on her kids who have their own homes to take care of.


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