Friday, October 18, 2019

Chasing Chaney

Trace Bates

"I think both of them would say they're not looking to rush into any relationship, but Trace keeps planning visits, and Chaney keeps visiting."
-Kelly Bates

So what's the deal with Trace and Chaney? In this web exclusive from last night's episode, Trace shares what he sees in Chaney, and some of the other family members offer their thoughts on the budding relationship.

Photo/video courtesy of UPtv


  1. I loved when the 3 boys cracked up over "Trace's blooming relationship". And Kelly's hair looked so different and poofy -- must have tried something new!

  2. how did i miss this last night? i bet tori doesnt realize how many of us fans are also rooting for one of the guys to have a relationship and it sure looks like trace has found his! so happy for him and chaney

    1. Time 6:10AM Tues 10/21/19
      Aww they are a amazing couple.

  3. Love this family ❤️


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