Thursday, October 25, 2018

Hug Like a Bates

Gil Bates: "You're not the touchy-feely type?"
Trace Bates: "NO."

When asked which family member gives the best hugs, the Bates have varying answers (video below). But several agree that one of the younger boys is the the best hugger, and Kelly says that this particular Bates is going to make a stellar husband one day. What is your love language? Do you enjoy giving and receiving hugs?

Photo/video courtesy of UPtv


  1. Love hugs; giving & getting❤️

  2. I love giving hugs to people. It makes tgeir day.Kellt I'm gonna be a first time grandma to twins

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLY JO Wishing you a day of joy and a year of blessings.
    Marilyn,Joan and Marion

  4. Lol"that'll keep you out of trouble"

  5. I like receiving hugs especially from my Sunday School children. It just warms my heart!

  6. Love giving and receiving hugs❤️


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