Thursday, September 28, 2017

'From Friends to Fiancés' Recap

Bringing Up Bates "From Friends to Fiancés"

  • The show opens as Bobby is making his first visit to the Bates home to celebrate I Love You Day (aka Valentine’s Day) 2016. “Daddy told Tori, he gave her a warning,” says Kelly. “He said, ‘Whatever you do, Tori, don’t dive in too soon.’ And Tori said, ‘It’s too late.’”
  • Ashley, Nathan’s then-girlfriend, is also there. (Update: Nathan and Ashley have remained good friends, but they are not in a relationship.)
  • Two months later, the Bates meet Bobby’s parents and siblings (two sisters) while in Florida for Allie’s first birthday.
  • “When we were courting, [Tori] was our chaperone a lot,” says Alyssa. “Well, for a little bit, and then I requested a different chaperone. Tori is real strict. She was like, ‘That’s too close. You need to move. You are too close.’ And now, she’s all [cuddly with Bobby].”
  • In October 2016, Bobby pops the courtship question during a family vacation in Pensacola, Florida. “I know this is one step along the way, but are you ready to go with me?” he asks her at sunset on the beach. They enjoy a special dinner together in the sand.
  • In March 2017, Bobby visits Tennessee to search for a place to live after graduation. A friend from the fire department offers up her camper.
  • In May 2017, Tori and the family celebrate Bobby’s college graduation at a party at his home in Florida. The event is also the first time we are introduced to Kelton Balka, Josie’s “special friend.”
  • While the entire family (minus Josie and the Websters) is vacationing in West Virginia in June 2017, Bobby pulls Gil aside to ask for his blessing to propose to Tori. “They really are a perfect match,” Gil says after granting permission. 
Bobby proposed to Tori at a picturesque lookout point in North Carolina. Click here to see photos. 


  1. Why wasn't the engagement shown on this special?

    1. I know this makes me very ANGRY 😡 someone lied and now a new season starts in 5 months leaving us hanging

      Lily Ellie please answer us!!!!!

  2. Yes I thought that was going to be what we saw! This was all stuff we have seen before!

  3. Yea I was hoping to see the engagement too. That's the main reason I watched last night. Was super bummed the engagement wasn't shown😐😐

  4. This episode was a huge disappointment. I thought that it would lead up to their relationship ending with showing the proposal, but it was all old footage just combined into one episode.


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