Thursday, June 11, 2015

Recap: Future In-Laws?

Tonight on Bringing Up Bates, "Future In-Laws?"
  • Gil, Kelly, and Michael head to Chicago to meet with Brandon Keilen (Michael's boyfriend) and his parents. Erin and Chad come over to help with the little ones while Gil and Kelly are away.
  • Brandon's family lives in Michigan, but when Brandon and Michael get married, they will live in Chicago, where Brandon has been working since graduating from school. (Brandon proposed soon after this episode was filmed, and the wedding is set for August 15th.)
  • Gil requests that they have Chicago pizza, so they enjoy a meal at Giordano's. Kelly and Michael are eager for Brandon to propose, but Gil is a little more laid back. "I know that [Brandon] has got to be thinking engagement," says Kelly. "It has to be on his mind, because it's on all of ours."
  • The following morning, they head to an art shop, where they each paint a piece of pottery.
  • At lunch, Brandon pulls Gil into the men's room to ask for permission to propose in the next few weeks. Brandon tells Gil the date, but Gil doesn't plan to tell Kelly because he knows she will spill the beans.
  • While they are eating, Kelly pulls out a 2015 calendar and asks Brandon if he wants to choose a date for the wedding. Brandon jokes that he is planning on Valentine's Day of 2015.
  • Back in Tennessee, Erin and Chad and the kids prepare to redecorate Gil and Kelly's bedroom as a surprise. Chad and the boys work on refinishing the antique bedroom furniture, while the girls decorate.
  • While Erin is babysitting, she has the kids use their food to make animals. Gil doesn't like wasting food, so the children say he would not approve.
  • When Gil and Kelly return home, they are blown away by their newly decorated room. Gil tells the family that he had a special talk with Brandon but won't reveal the details. "I hardly ever know anything everybody don't know," says Gil.


  1. Hi Lily and Ellie,
    I just wanted to let you know that you can see some bringing up bates episodes on watch series. This is the link:

  2. What an interesting family! Loved the show, although I felt a bit tense for Brandon and his parents with all of the not so subtle hints about when the engagement and marriage would take place.
    I hope we get to see the wedding in this season's production schedule!

  3. Please add an "Encouraging" button to choose from for the Bates. :) They are so encouraging!
    Thank you both so much for all of your time and efforts for the Duggar and Bates blogs. You are a blessing! :-)

  4. I agree. Kelly really harps on the engagement/marriage issue. It was uncomfortable to watch. I wonder why no one tells her to dial it back a little bit.

  5. Brandon is adorable. He has the kind of smile that lights up a room.

  6. I almost died of embarrassment for Michael when Kelly said Michael was already look at dresses online! man, mom don't you know when to button it??!! She sounds like she is desperate to unload her daughter, and I know that's not the case. Stop sounding so desperate!

  7. I know I felt so bad for her

  8. I was very impressed by Gil thanking Brandon in letting him in on the plans. It's good to see that neither Kelly nor Gil are "dictating" what the kids SHOULD do.


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