Thursday, October 30, 2014

Bates Family to Return to Reality TV

The Bates family has two big announcements to make. (Just to clear things up right now, they are not expecting their 20th child...yet.)

1. Zach, the oldest of Gil and Kelly Bates' 19 children, and his wife, Whitney, welcomed the first Bates grandchild into the world yesterday.

first Bates grandchild
 Zach and Whitney Bates with son Bradley Gilvin Bates

2. Do you remember TLC's United Bates of America, which aired in 2012? Gil and Kelly Bates and their 19 children are set to star in another reality TV series. Bringing Up Bates premieres on UP TV on New Year's Day. Watch a video preview below:

In case you are unfamiliar with the Bates family, here's a family photo:

Birth order: Zach (& wife Whitney), Michaella (& boyfriend Brandon), Erin (& husband Chad), Lawson, Nathan, Alyssa (& husband John), Tori, Trace, Carlin, Josie, Katie, Jackson, Warden, Isaiah, Addallee, Ellie, Callie, Judson, Jeb

Photos: Bates family


  1. I like the Duggars but I love the Bates. Their children are more disciplined and "real". I don't have the UN channel so can't watch. Boo!!

  2. Whitney had her baby right before Jessa Duggar's wedding cause they left for the wedding the day after Bradley was born. I only know cause I follow Kelly Jo's updates on the family website.

  3. Ive always love both the duggars and bates. They're all good, down to earth people.

  4. I would like to see a single photo of each of the children in birth order with age on one page.
    is Tori interested in John David or Joseph Dugger ? Is Lawson or Nathan interested in Jinger or one of the other Dugger girls?


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