Thursday, June 18, 2015

Recap: "High Risk, High Hopes"

Tonight on Bringing Up Bates, "High Risk, High Hopes"...
  • Erin and Chad visit Dr. Vic to see how Erin is progressing in her high-risk pregnancy.
  • Dr. Vic explains that with Erin's condition, there is a risk of having a stillbirth. 
  • "This is one of those situations where there is nothing you can do but pray," says Gil.
  • "You just have to pray that God knows best and that we're doing everything we can to have a healthy baby," says Erin.
  • Back at the Bates house, the younger kids build an underground fort. Gil and Kelly don't have broadcast TV, so their kids spend a lot of time outside.
  • Then, Lawson, Nathan, and Trace take Jackson, Warden, and Isaiah to a driving range for a golfing lesson, which, according to Zach, is just "the blind leading the blind."
  • When they return home, the older boys load their airsoft guns and try to take the younger boys' fort. The Bates have one rule for airsoft wars: Everyone must wear eye protection.
  • The rest of the family watches from the window.
  • Erin prepares dinner for Zach, Whitney, and Bradley. According to Tori, "Erin, for the longest time, was the worst cook ever."
  • "When Erin cooked at the house, we would say, 'When the fire alarm goes off, dinner is ready,'" teases Zach. Since marrying Chad and having a reason to develop her skills, Erin is now a great chef.
  • "Zach doesn't say it much, and he doesn't show it, but he has a hard time watching his sisters grow up and get married and have babies," says Whitney. "It makes him sad."

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  1. I wondered what they meant by saying they don't have broadcast TV. Does that mean they have cable or satellite?