Monday, July 24, 2017

Prayers for Brooklyn

Erin Paine and Brooklyn Paine

Erin and Chad Paine had a difficult weekend. On Friday, Brooklyn Paine's finger started swelling, and she soon began running a fever. Doctors conducted multiple tests and administered antibiotics, but the problem worsened.

Brooklyn ended up having surgery to release pressure yesterday morning, and the Paines say she is recovering well. We know Erin and Chad would appreciate your prayers as they wait on lab results and care for their sweet baby. Brooklyn will turn one year old on August 6th. Big brother Carson Paine is praying too!

 Carson Paine

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Friday, July 21, 2017

Photo of Lawson Bates and Sadie Robertson

As we shared in May, Lawson Bates invited Sadie Robertson to be part of his music video project for the song "Past the Past." The video is set to be released on August 3rd.

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

'Stop, Drop and Wash' Recap

Bringing Up Bates "Stop, Drop and Wash"
  • The Bates still look back on their November 2016 house fire as one of the most frightening ordeals their family has walked through. The fire department comes over to give the kids fire safety lessons and help Gil and Kelly place their new smoke detectors.
  • To give back to the community and help fund the volunteer fire department, the Bates are planning a benefit car wash.
  • The day before the car wash, Zach, who has plenty of practice washing his police car, comes over to show the family how to wash a car. “We’ve never washed our cars at our house,” says Josie. “We let the rain wash them.”
  • “My goal was to come over and get everybody assigned a specific dob,” says Zach. “In real life, everybody doing their own thing all on the same car, I felt like we were never going to get finished.”
  • It doesn’t take long before chaos breaks loose. Gil asks for water, and Zach gives it to him…with a hose…all over his clothes.
  • “When everybody starts getting wet, I thought, You know what, I’ll jump in my parents’ car because Dad will surely tell them, ‘Don’t get the inside of my car wet,’” says Zach. “Then I forget, oh wait, it’s my family’s car. They don’t care!”
  • Zach’s next idea t is to grab the water hose, thinking it will give him an advantage, but when the little kids purposely put a kink in it, he is left with no way to defend himself.
  • Meanwhile, Erin and Chad are searching for a permanent home for their little family. When they moved into their rental cottage, they knew it would only be temporary.
  • They are looking for an old fixer-upper with land and charm. “We are open to the option of buying something very soon or waiting even several years,” says Chad. He and Erin drive by two beautiful country homes that they both really like.
  • On the day of the car wash, it’s pouring. “God’s wetting all the cars!” says Gil. The family is bummed, but Jeb suggests they pray. Before long, the rain stops!
  • In the middle of the car wash, Carlin’s boyfriend, Evan Stewart, shows up, and Carlin is ecstatic.
  • The car wash is a huge success. Even some of the volunteer firefighters come out to help. “I’m amazed that as the car wash rolled on, I think we really got the hang of it,” says Gil. Even little Bradley gets in on the action!

Epic Bates Water Fight

As we shared earlier this week, the Bates are hosting a car wash tonight on Bringing Up Bates, but during their lesson with Zach, chaos breaks loose, and everyone gets soaked. Check out these epic action shots. (You can double click each photo to enlarge it.)

And here are a few more snapshots from the episode. To help ease Gil and Kelly's fears of another house fire, members of the Medford Volunteer Fire Department come out to show the kids how to use a fire extinguisher and teach them other fire safety tips.

When the day of the car wash arrives, everyone pitches in to make it a huge success.

And when Carlin Bates' boyfriend, Evan Stewart, shows up announced, she is elated.

The show starts tonight at 9pm ET/8pm CT. Visit our Showtimes page for more details.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The touchy-feely Bates

Are you the "touchy-feely type"? In this Name That Bates video, the Bates try to decide who gives the best hugs, but their answers are all over the place. The last response is the most endearing, though, as Carlin Bates gives a shout-out to a little brother who gives her genuine hugs and tells her she's beautiful. Can we get an "awww"?

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