Thursday, June 22, 2017

Bates Around the World: Erin and Whitney

"To me it looks like a dead frog, and if it tastes like that, I'm going to throw up."
-Erin Bates Paine

Are you enjoying the new Bates Around the World video series? In this clip, sisters-in-law Erin Paine and Whitney Bates try candies from Mexico, Finland, the United Kingdom, and China...and their reactions are priceless. Have you had any of the treats that they are sampling?

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Photo/video courtesy of UP

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Culinary Double Date

"Ever since I got married, I really fell in love with cooking. ...It's relaxing"
-Erin Paine

"I learned to cook because I love food."
-Zach Bates

Siblings Zach Bates and Erin (Bates) Paine both enjoy being creative in the kitchen, although their reasons are quite different. Eager for an excuse to go out on a double date, they convince their spouses to take a culinary class at The Cutting Edge Classroom in nearby Knoxville, Tennessee. Check out this promo video for tomorrow's new episode.

Photo/video courtesy of UP

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Bates Learn the Basics

It's a week of learning for the Bates clan. Judson Bates and Jeb Bates have had their fun, and now its the girls' turn to practice self-defense moves with the jiu-jitsu instructor. Later, Gil Bates decides that his younger drives need to know basic vehicle mechanics, since the Bates own a lot of "mature cars," as Nathan puts it. And during a double date, Erin Paine and Zach Bates impress their love of meal preparation on Whitney Bates and Chad Paine during a cooking class. Check out the promo videos below.

Photo/videos courtesy of UP

Grand-Bates #4 Turns 1

Happy 1st birthday, Kaci Lynn Bates! Click here to see a slideshow of photos from her birth.

Photo courtesy of UP

Monday, June 19, 2017

Bates Father's Day Photos

There are a lot of dads in the Bates family! Let's take a moment to honor each one. There's Gil, faithful husband to Kelly and father of 19.

 Gil Bates and Lawson Bates

Then there's Papa Bill, husband to Mama Jane and father of Gil, Greg, and Jennifer. 

Papa Bill and Mama Jane Bates

Kelly's father, Ken Callaham, passed away 14 years ago but still holds a special place in Kelly Bates' heart. 

 Kelly Jo Callaham and father Ken

 Kelly Jo Callaham and father Ken

Chad Paine is the devoted husband to Erin (Bates) Paine and father of Carson Paine and Brooklyn Paine.

 Chad, Carson, and Brooklyn

Zach Bates is the oldest Bates child and now has a wife, Whitney, and two children of his own.

 Zach Bates, Bradley Bates, and Kaci Lynn Bates

Down in Florida, John Webster is fearlessly leading his three girls, wife Alyssa (Bates) Webster and daughters Allie Jane Webster and Lexi Mae Webster.

The Websters with Papa Bill and Mama Jane

And even though he's not a Bates, here is a photo of Whitney's own father.

Bradley Bates and his maternal grandfather

Photos courtesy of Gil and Kelly Bates, Zach and Whitney Bates,,, Alyssa and John Webster, UP