Saturday, August 19, 2017

Bates Updates August 2017

The Bates have had a busy month. Nathan, Lawson, Trace, and Carlin have been on a medical mission trip in the Philippines for the past two weeks. They return home today and have truly had a wonderful time ministering to the people they have crossed paths with.

For those who have been asking about Nathan, he spent six months in Mississippi, but he is now living in Tennessee with the family and doing flight training.

Michael and Brandon Keilen just moved into a new place in Chicago. Kelly and Erin flew up there on Wednesday for a one-night trip to help Michael decorate. The Keilens are still struggling with infertility, but they are learning to trust God in a deeper way.

Josie Bates just started her last semester of cosmetology school. She now has a "special friend," Kelton Balka, and the two are enjoying getting to know each other. Kelton lives nearby.

Alyssa and John Webster are continuing to build their commercial cleaning business, while raising their two little girls. They recently shared that they plan to wait a while before having another baby but that they plan to eventually have six children.

This weekend, Gil and Kelly and the kids are on a camping trip. Kelly's flight from Chicago was delayed, so she was late meeting up with the rest of the family.

Brooklyn Paine, who spent a week in the hospital in late July due to an infection, is doing very well, and her parents are grateful for the prayers lifted up by friends and fans. Brooklyn just celebrated her first birthday.

 Carlin Bates and Lawson Bates in the Philippines

Lawson Bates in the Philippines

Friday, August 18, 2017

Bradley and Sissy

"I'm, when I have kids one day--a long time from now--probably going to have my kids take one-year-old photos, whenever I find out what they really are for."
-Jackson Bates

Jackson may not fully understand the value of baby pictures, but Kelly and the married Bates kids sure do. In this extended scene from last night's episode, Zach and Whitney Bates visit Taryn Yager to have one-year photos taken of Kaci Lynn Bates. Bradley Bates loves making his "sissy" smile during the shoot!

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

'The Night The Lights Went Out in Tennessee' Recap

Bringing Up Bates "The Night The Lights Went Out in Tennessee"

  • For the past six months, Nathan has been living in Mississippi and working as a flight instructor. “I really have enjoyed learning how to fly, and I wanted to be able to kind of pass that along,” says Nathan.
  • On tonight’s show, Nathan instructs a man who is working towards his commercial pilot’s license.
  • “There’s no doubt Nathan…has a whole new respect for safety, life, caution, so that is really a mark of maturity up here for such a risk taker as Nathan,” says Gil.
  • Zach, Whitney, Bradley, and Kaci pay a visit to photographer friend Taryn Yager’s in-home studio for Kaci's one-year photo shoot. Bradley does a great job helping make his little sister laugh. When it comes time for the smash cake, Kaci is all smiles.
  • “I cried looking through every picture because [Taryn] seriously captured some of the sweetest pictures that she’s ever gotten,” says Whitney.
  • Nathan returns home and begins putting up the family's new smoke detectors (which are also carbon monoxide detectors). “The fire department showed us where all the fire detectors go, and we were supposed to put them up, and then they went into a box until Nathan got home,” admits Jackson. “He’s got some initiative.”
  • According to Gil, Nathan is an energy giver and a great motivator. He convinces Lawson and some of the other boys to help. While the guys are working, Kelly and the girls clean out the family’s two refrigerators.
  • “Mom is the most thorough refrigerator cleaner-outer, and I just can’t be around when it happens because I hate waste,” says Gil.
  • While one of the boys is up on a ladder and the ladies have food piled up on the kitchen counter, the power goes out. They quickly put the food back in the fridge and grab candles and flashlights. “No lighters for Judson and Jeb!” shouts Lawson.
  • Everyone puts their pajamas on, and Kelly brings out a family favorite game, Surprise Spin. Each person takes turns spinning the rolling pin. Whoever it lands on draws a piece of paper, which either instructs them to do a chore or grants them a fun privilege.
  • Isaiah draws, “Good for $5.” “Daddy’s going to love that we played this game, isn’t he?” remarks Kelly. Lawson is stuck with cleaning out the van and changing all the sheets.
  • The lights come back on, but the kids still want to party, so they grab ice cream from the freezer.
  • “When the power goes out, it goes to simplicity really fast, and having that time to just huddle as a family, play a game, and focus on each other, that was really special,” says Lawson.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Bates in the Dark

When the power goes out at the Bates home on tomorrow's new episode of Bringing Up Bates, mama Kelly Bates must find a way to keep the kids calm as they wait for the lights to come back on. Check out this sneak peek scene. What is the longest period of time you have gone without power?

Photo/video courtesy of UP

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Michaela and Brandon

In honor of Michael and Brandon Keilen's 2nd wedding anniversary, we wanted to share a couple snapshots from a recent photo shoot with the talented Taryn Yager.

Two months ago, Michael opened up about the struggles she and Brandon are having with infertility. Her words ministered to and struck a chord with many. For those who have asked, the Keilens have not announced a pregnancy, but we know they appreciate prayer as they continue to trust God.

 Michaela and Brandon Keilen

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