Monday, March 27, 2017

Meet Carlin's Boyfriend

Carlin Bates receives a care package from Evan 

As promised in our last post, we have some neat info to share about Evan Stewart, Carlin Bates' boyfriend. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and is the second youngest of six children (four girls and two boys). Since he was young, Evan and his parents and siblings have traveled as a family gospel band called His Own. Here is a video of the siblings performing a song:

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Carlin Bates and Evan Stewart

 Carlin Bates and boyfriend Evan

Those who watched Thursday's episode of Bringing Up Bates were introduced to Carlin Bates' ski buddy, Evan Stewart. Their relationship is progressing, and the two have been spending quite a bit of time getting to know each other. Carlin will turn 19 in April, and Evan is a couple years older.

Although they call each other boyfriend and girlfriend, Carlin shared on Thursday's episode that she and Evan are not yet in a courtship. In Bates terms, there is an unofficial period before courtship, during which a couple often refers to each other as boyfriend and girlfriend.

For Tori Bates and Bobby Smith, exactly one year passed between the time they started pursuing a relationship and the time Bobby asked Tori to officially start a courtship.

Stay tuned for a post about Evan and his family!

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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Thrifty Bates

Just weeks before their big ski trip (shown on Thursday's episode of Bringing Up Bates) the Bates lost all their winter clothing in a fire. But in true Bates fashion, they hit the thrift stores and managed to replace it all. In the video below, you'll learn a family secret that involves a clever use for kitchen garbage bags.

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Friday, March 24, 2017

Carlin and Josie Chop Their Hair Off

Josie Bates, who turns 18 in August, is currently in cosmetology school. Did you know that she is the only Bates with naturally curly hair? When you see her with straight hair, it is because she has straightened it.

Both Carlin and Josie recently made major changes to their hair. These photos were taken just a couple months ago:

 Josie Bates

Carlin Bates

And here they are now, with their hair chopped off. The photos aren't that great, but you will see more of the girls' new hairstyles in the future. :)

 Josie Bates

Carlin Bates

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

'Mass-a-somethin'" Recap

Bringing Up Bates "Mass-a-something'"

  • At a condo at Massanutten Resort in Virginia, the Bates are rushing to get ready for their ski lessons. Gil is the only family member who has been skiing, so the rest of the clan is in for an adventure.
  • Kelly insists that the little kids wear multiple layers under their snowsuits. “You’re going to be hot as a firecracker on July the 4th,” Gil tells Jeb.
  • Just before everyone heads out the door, Kelly receives a text from Michael informing her that a mother and her daughter had fallen off a chairlift and died the week before. The mom of 19 is very nervous for her children’s safety.
  • Renting skis and snowboards takes close to an hour. Most of the family takes ski lessons, but the older boys elect to try snowboarding.
  • Tori’s boyfriend, Bobby Smith, joins the family on the slopes, as does Carlin’s “special friend,” Evan. Carlin met Evan and his family about five years ago, but it has only been a few months since the pair really started talking. (They reconnected at a ladies banquet, where Evan was serving.)  “Yes we like each other,” says Carlin. “We’re trying to get to know each other, but there’s no official thing right now.”
  • Trace’s friend, Campbell Roberts, also comes along. At the end of the trip, she insists that Trace did great.
  • When it comes time for everyone to ride the chairlift, Kelly is a nervous Nelly. They all make it out alive, although Kelly has the attendant at the top stop the lift so she can get off slowly.
  • Nathan arrives that evening. He has been at flight school in Mississippi, taking tests to earn his commercial pilot’s license.
  • The next morning, the family goes tubing, another great adventure. “I hurt my heinie” says Judson.
  • That afternoon, Kelly teaches Nathan everything she learned in ski school. “If you think you’re going to hit somebody, fall,” she tells her son. “I got a lot of practice doing that yesterday.”
  • Nathan picks it up quickly. “She’s actually an incredible teacher,” he says. “A mother that has spent her entire life teaching children things. I would rather have nobody else give me a lesson than my mom.”
  • Everyone is sad when it comes time to head home.  “I think skiing is a great family experience,” says Erin.
  • “I’m really impressed,” says Gil. “My wife was the funnest and the funniest and the most heroic. She didn’t give up. She didn’t quit. She even taught lessons.”
  • “I think we’re going back,” says Gil. “Massanutten is going to get a mass-a-Bates.”