Name That Bates

We have created an archive of every "Name That Bates" video that we have posted since the premiere of Bringing Up Bates in January 2015. Enjoy! (Click each title to view the corresponding post/video.)

Gil and Kelly
Name That Bates Baby
Sweet on Gil 
Gil's Gaffe
First Dates and First Kiss?
Kelly Jo's Favorites
Which Kid is More Likely to...
Such Sweetness
Family Habits
Dad Say What?!

Alyssa and John
How Many Websters? 
More from the Websters
Dream Jobs and Splurging 

Josie and Katie
Critics and Cheerleaders

Zach and Whitney
Whitney's Shoe Stash
How Many Bates Babies?

Lawson and Nathan
Next Stop...Hollywood?


  1. Aren't there some of Erin and Chad?

  2. Yeah, I thought I've seen some with Erin and Chad.

  3. Yes, there are. On YouTube.

  4. And I think there was one or two with Jackson, Warden and Isaiah.

  5. why is there no videos or interaction with the seems unattended all the petting or talking to it..:/

    1. well probably because it is mostly about the actual family and it's not like the dog can talk

  6. Desde Venezuela les envio saludos Heber Parada

    1. Saludos a usted tambien, Heber Parada, de los estados unidos.

  7. Wishing The Bates and Family a Happy and Blessed 2017!

  8. I just love your family and I so wish I would have met up with you somewhere when you were in Chattanooga (where I live) so I could meet you all. I look forward to the show each week and watch reruns in between seasons. I pray for all of you all the time. I especially pray to St. Michael for Zachary while he is on his job so that he may return home safely to Whitney and the children. God bless all of you!

  9. I love the bates family blog! it is inspiring and funny and adorable etc... well I think that the next bates wedding is going to be this summer. I think maybe tori is goin to get married to bobby. or carlin and the guy she is goin out with. or used to. maybe they broke up by now. but I doubt it. I am not trying to be negative or anything about it. well, we'll see about the next wedding will be.

  10. I love your family!! I like the reruns and I watch them all the time..

  11. Hi:

    How do I buy United Bates of America and Bringing Up Bates on dvds at? I love that shows.


    Craig Culwell

  12. I want to know which kids have blue eyes like Gil and which kids have brown like Kelly Jp?


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